Darrow Tree Service Evanston

Emergency Tree Service Evanston

We are one of the few companies in Evanston that can provide 24/7 emergency tree service and removals. We know that you need immediate assistance right after a storm hits and that’s exactly what we can give you. It is very inconvenient and frustrating to deal with fallen trees and branches following a storm. It can also be dangerous, more importantly it involves power lines. We will be quick in our response and provide you with the assistance you urgently need. 

We can safely say that we have been in every possible situation concerning trees. We have seen all types of trees and removed trees of different ages and sizes. There is no tree situation that is too difficult for us to handle. Whether it’s an uprooted tree or a fallen branch, we know what to do to make the situation better. 

Our tree doctors are highly-trained for these specific situations. We can alleviate you from the hassles that fallen trees can bring in no time. Whether your emergency happens in broad daylight or wee hours, you can depend on us to come to your side.

Emergency Prevention

Storm damage can be prevented to some extent with the help of proper tree maintenance. You should have your trees checked by a certified arborist before a storm hits, so you can make sure that it is free from damaged and broken limbs that can fall anytime. Save yourself from repair costs and time-consuming cleanup efforts by allowing a professional tree company to trim your trees regularly. 

We never ask for a fee when we provide our estimate. Sometimes, the only thing that your tree needs is a good haircut. This will prevent future problems and injuries, as well as extra expenses. 

We also offer Cabling & Bracing if you have trees with structural issues or if it’s leaning on one side. These techniques can also be helpful in eliminating potential threats to your safety caused by trees.