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Tree Trimming & Pruning in Evanston

Tree trimming and pruning are practical tools to improve the appearance and health of your trees. We have professional arborists in our team to provide this service for the benefit of your tree. Pruning and trimming entail both science and art. You cannot just prune anytime you want (unless you’re getting rid of dead and dangerous branches) because it can have an adverse effect on your tree. Some trees benefit most from winter pruning. If you want to control the growth of your tree, you would want to prune it in the summer. We know every nitty-gritty of tree pruning and trimming, and you can leave the job to us. 

Dead Branch Removal

Tree branches die for many reasons. A storm or lightning might have hit it, or it is diseased. In this case, tree removal is not necessary. Sometimes, a tree can be saved by proper trimming. Removing a dead branch can protect your tree from diseases and other things that can affect its health. 

Our expert crew can take care of these dead branches and remove them safely. If there are branches hanging over your roof, we can also handle them, so you can have the peace of mind that you are safe from falling limbs and branches in times of storms. 

Every member of our team is a family man with a spotless track record. This only proves our integrity in the job and that we are always ready to do our job with the highest professionalism. 

We are ready to assist you no matter the time of the day. We offer fair and detailed estimates all the time. The quality of our work is something that earns our client’s trust and gets a lot of referrals.

Fruit Tree Pruning

Tree pruning among fruit-bearing trees can go a long way in terms of the quality and quantity of their yield. When you remove the unnecessary branches, you allow healthy ones to get the right nutrients needed for the tree to produce fruits. 

We have in-house certified arborists who know precisely how to take care of your fruit trees so you can get the most out of their produce. For most fruit trees, they are the best to prune in winter when the coldest part has passed. You can expect better quality and quantity of fruit next season.

    Why Choose Darrow Tree Service

    Customer satisfaction is our driving force every time we perform tree service. We make sure to keep our clients happy while taking care of their trees’ needs. We don’t always opt for tree removal because some trees would be fine with trimming. We will be honest with all our dealings because we know that you are the same as us. We only give you an estimate after we have seen your tree in person and assess every situation that can hinder us from safely trimming your tree. 

    Trees are essential to humankind, and we know that for sure. For this reason, we want to take care of them in the best of our abilities, at all times. You can already sense our dedication in the job once you call us because you will talk to a real person and not just an answering machine. The profit comes second to us because your happiness is our priority.  Call us today, and we will provide you with quality tree services. 

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